Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Sick Days in Homeschool

Little Red has the flu. Technically, she has a flu-like illness. The pediatrician's office was out of flu tests when I took her in yesterday, so they couldn't actually diagnose her with the flu. But for all intents and purposes, Little Red has the flu. For the past couple of days, her temperature has hung out between 102 and 104. At our house, all sick small people are quarantined to my bedroom to try to keep any germs from making their way through everyone. Thinking the poor baby must want to take advantage of the opportunity to hang out in my bed watching tv all day, I had planned to cancel school for her until she was feeling a little better. Nope, the silly girl begged me to have school yesterday after we got home from the doctor's office. So, I propped her up in my bed and got the little tray table and her pencil, crayons, and school books.

So far, none of the other small people who live here (or big ones for that matter) have shown signs of getting sick. I pray that no one else will.
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