Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been super busy with life for the past couple of weeks and haven't blogged about what we've been covering during school. The past 2 weeks, we have been learning about China.

We stamped our passports as we entered the country.
Then we located and colored in China on our map of world travels.
We spent some time learning about Chinese activities. We learned that, while Chinese checkers may not have been invented in China, it is a popular game there. (Side story about our Chinese checkers game - The game we have is mine from my childhood. We've lost a couple of marbles through the years, but we just add in a regular checker in place of them.)
In our book basket, we had Grandfather Tang's Story and The Warlord's Puzzle; both are books about tangrams. We had a lot of fun using tangrams to create our own designs.
We colored the flag of China.
We learned how to write Chinese numbers and used them to answer math problems.
To finish up our study of China, we made Chinese lanterns.
In science, we started a unit learning about oceans and seas. We learned about how the Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake are so salty because there is no outlet for the sea and so the salt just continuously builds up. We tried creating our own salt lake to see an egg float. The white bowl contained our salt-less water, and the blue bowl was our salt water. I don't think we put in quite enough salt because our egg didn't float very well.
One of my favorite times of the day is book basket time. The book basket is filled with books about whatever country and science topic we are learning about. Everybody grabs a book from the book basket and gets comfortable somewhere.
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