Thursday, June 2, 2011

Polished Nails

Today is Day 2 for our 30 Days of Creativity. We didn't have a lot of time to do something creative because we went to visit PopPop today. The kids were very excited to spend some time with their grandpa today.
I took some other pictures of the kids while we were there. The picture of Little Red is so very much her personality - I love that girl! Originally, the picture of the girls had all 5 small people in it. The Boy was standing behind them, and as soon as I went to snap the picture, he jumped out of the shot. Silly boy! He hates getting his picture taken. I ended up cropping out all of that empty space in the picture.

So, like I said, our creativity was painting our nails. Well, not The Boy's of course, and Ballerina decided she didn't want hers painted. Not the most creative activity ever, but the girls enjoyed it. They loved that I even painted mine as well. (No, my nails are not a part of the picture; I have ugly feet.)
We had one other creative activity today. Robb coached the varsity homeschool girls' soccer team this spring, and he had made a deal with the girls that he would dye his hair whatever color they chose if they did well in the homeschool tournament. They came in 2nd place with a very dramatic win in their final game, so he said he would keep his end of the deal. The girls chose orange since that was the team's color. So today, he went and had his hair dyed.
In other news, my order from My Father's World came this evening. I can't wait to start getting all of my lessons put into Homeschool Tracker for next year.
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