Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Plan - Week of Jan. 1

  • Sunday - Spaghetti and garlic bread
  • Monday - Hamburgers, baked beans, sweet carrots (Robb is home today so he is grilling the burgers. The kids and I agree that you can't find a better burger anywhere!)
  • Tuesday - Beef stew ole, rice (This is a new recipe I'm trying from the Fix It and Forget It cookbook. If it turns out tasty, I'll share it.)
  • Wednesday - Hamburger casserole, cucumbers, mashed potatoes
  • Thursday - Parmesan baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, squash & zucchini
  • Friday - Baked pork chops, orzo, broccoli
  • Saturday -  Tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans
Breakfast (The rotation stays the same every week):
  • Sunday - Cereal, poptarts
  • Monday - Oatmeal or grits
  • Tuesday - Bagels or English muffins, fruit or yogurt
  • Wednesday - Waffles, fruit or yogurt
  • Thursday - Cereal, fruit or yogurt
  • Friday - Eggs, sausage or bacon
  • Saturday - Poptarts (Yes, I'm incredibly lazy on the weekends, and I let my kids eat junk. I'm okay with that.)
Lunch (also usually the same every week):
  • Sandwiches, wraps, or leftovers
  • Fruit or veggies (I like to get whatever is on sale)
  • Pretzels, chips, or goldfish crackers

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