Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Revolutionary War Field Trip

To finish up our study of the Revolutionary War, we took a field trip today to the Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site here in South Carolina. I absolutely loved seeing the "light bulb" go on when we read the signs that talked about how Gen. Cornwallis used it as his headquarters in South Carolina, as they realized that it was the same person who surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown. My history buff, Ballerina, kept telling us that this was the most awesome field trip ever.

The Kershaw-Cornwallis house (pictured above) is actually a reconstructed house. Built by Kershaw in 1777, it was destroyed during the Civil War and rebuilt in 1977.

There are other buildings on the grounds that are original, but restored, buildings from the area, like this cabin.

They also had the "stocks" that the red-heads had to try out.

The redoubts that were used as defenses and the magazine foundation were fun for the small people to run around on. Soccer Girl even was running around pretending to shoot people.

While we were at the magazine area, I looked over to see Sassy Pants sitting there with a forlorn look on her face. I asked her was wrong, and she told me she was lonely. I'm not sure what that was about, but it made for some cute pictures.

The grounds themselves were just gorgeous to walk around. I found that my daffodils aren't the only ones confused and blooming early; there were several blooming there as well.

The Boy and Sassy found a ladybug which brought Sassy lots of joy since she is our ladybug.

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