Friday, April 12, 2013


**For those of you joining me from the A to Z challenge, welcome! I'm homeschooling through the alphabet.**

Each grade level my small people have been through has had its own positive qualities, but I think my favorite to teach is kindergarten.

K is for Kindergarten

There are so many fun things about kindergarten. I love that most of kindergarten can be taught simply through living life. Unfortunately, I learned that lesson too late for my oldest. When he was small, I pushed him way too much, and school became a chore. I've since realized that there's plenty of time for "schoolwork" later. It's important to let them be children when they are small.

Children at kindergarten age are natural learners. They want to learn about everything. They ask "why?" about EVERYTHING.

This year Sassy Pants would have been in 4K if she had gone to school. Because her birthday is in October, she turned 5 right after we started school in the fall. She wanted to "do school" like the older ones so we used My Father's World Kindergarten this year. She's done well, but is nowhere close to being ready for 1st grade in the fall. So I'm thinking about doing some unit studies with her for her "official" 5K year.

Any suggestions on what topics we should cover next year?

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