Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Organized (or not)

**For those of you joining me from the A to Z challenge, welcome! I'm homeschooling through alphabet.**

Upon hearing that I homeschool my 5 small people, most people say something like this: "You must be so organized."

O is for Organization

Oh, if they only knew! I'm really bad at organization. I have good intentions; really, I do. Nevertheless, I still end up with piles of papers on the school table and around the school room. Most school days I have to get up super early to finish grading the work from the previous day before I can prepare the assignments for that day.

I do have some organization going on. Even in all of the piles of paper, I usually know exactly where things are. I also spend the better part of my summers getting all of my lesson planning done for the year so that's organized before we start the school year. My books are organized on the shelves - teacher guides on one shelf, history books on one, textbooks on another, notebooks on yet another.

I've also been blesssed that The Boy seems to be a natural organizer. I can usually con him into  helping convince him to help organize things when they get too out of control

How organized are you?

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