Monday, April 8, 2013

Playing Games

**For those of you joining me from the AtoZ Challenge, welcome! I'm homeschooling through the alphabet.**

When you think school - homeschool or brick and mortar - you probably think books, paper, pencils. There's much more to learning than books, though. Any time you can bring fun into the learning process, the small people are much more engaged.

G is for Games

Board games. Card games. Computer games. Games are a great way to have the small people practice skills they are learning or review content they have learned. Games also provide opportunities for children to utilize critical thinking skills that will benefit them outside of the classroom or homeschool setting. Another important quality that may be acquired through the use of games is good sportsmanship. Of course, as adults, we have to model this.

Here are some games we love to play:  

Ticket to Ride - This is a great game to work on critical thinking skills. Players build railway routes across the United States, trying to gain the most points.

Settlers of Catan - Another great game for critical thinking skills. Players collect resources in order to build roads, settlements, and cities.
Word on the Street Junior - This game helps build vocabulary and spelling skills. Teams try to collect letters by spelling words for specific categories.
Apples to Apples - Building vocabulary skills, players make comparisons between various things, which can get really funny.

Pharaoh's Phonics - This game builds reading and spelling skills. Players fill their pyramids with words that contain their vowel sound.
What is your favorite game?

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