Friday, April 5, 2013

What Curriculum Do You Use? (Eclectic)

**For those of you joining me from the AtoZ challenge, welcome! I'm homeschooling through the alphabet.**

"So, what curriculum do you use?" Whenever homeschooling moms get together, this question is sure to come up. This is a difficult question for me to answer, however. I don't use any one set curriculum. I have more of an eclectic style, pulling subjects from different curricula to provide the best possible education for my children.

E is for Eclectic

Bible: We use Bible Study Guide for All Ages. It allows me to teach all of them Bible truths together. This year they've memorized the books of the New Testament, the names of the 12 apostles, the days of Creation, and the 10 plagues in Egypt.

History: We use My Father's World. This curriculum is designed for multi-age learning, so that I can teach all of the small people together. The teacher's manual gives suggestions for activities for various grade levels. There is a 5-year cycle from 2nd to 8th grades that includes geography, ancient history, world history, and 2 years of American history.

Science: We use Apologia. So far we've used Astronomy, Botany, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Swimming Creatures, and Flying Creatures from the Elementary Science options. The Boy has studied General Science and Physical Science. I like that Apologia approaches science from a Young Earth Creation viewpoint.

Math: We use Saxon.

Grammar: We use Rod and Staff. While it is quite demanding academically, it isn't taxing, and it presents topics in an easily understood manner.

Reading: We use Progeny Press reading guides. With over 100 different literature study guides at all academic levels, I have plenty to choose from. I try to choose books that correlate with the history that we're studying.

Foreign Language: We use Visual Latin and Rosetta Stone Spanish. I like that these can be used almost completely independently by the small people.

So, can you see why it's hard for me to answer, "What curriculum do you use?"

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