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Progeny Press Review

Progeny Press Review

Everyone's heard of the 3 R's - you know, reading and 'riting and 'rithmetic. My opinion is the reading is the most important of these since you need to be able to read to do anything else. I think the best way to get the small people reading is to give them good books to read. With 5 small people, though, it can be difficult to follow up with them and check comprehension skills, as well as other reading skills, without some type of a guide to use. Progeny Press offers a solution for that for me with their study guides for literature. We were given the opportunity to review the Miss Rumphius study guide.

For this review, we received the digital study guide for Miss Rumphius in the form of a downloadable PDF file.

Progeny Press Review

I am no stranger to Progeny Press; we have been using their study guides for the past several years. As I mentioned earlier, these study guides allow my small people to read quality literature at an appropriate reading level while also allowing me to check their comprehension skills without having to use a textbook approach.

The Miss Rumphius study guide is designed to accompany the book Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney. The book itself is not a part of the study guide, but it can either be purchased separately or borrowed from the library.

The study guide consists of many parts:

  • Synopsis of the book
  • Information about the author and illustrator
  • Before You Read study
  • Before You Read activities
  • Questions and activities while you read
  • After You Read activities
  • Related resources
  • Answer key
One of my favorite aspects of the Progeny Press guides is that they incorporate Biblical concepts into the study of the books being read. For example, one of the concepts of Miss Rumphius is setting goals. The study guide has the student study Bible verses that also talk about setting goals to help them connect the book to a Biblical perspective. 

Another thing I like about the Progeny Press guides is that they go beyond simple comprehension questions. For each section of reading in Miss Rumphius, the guide offers questions in 
  • Vocabulary
  • Thinking About the Story - These are basic comprehension questions.
  • Looking at the Artwork - Since Miss Rumphius is a picture book, the guide offers questions that encourage students to really study the illustrations in the book and use those to better understand the story.
  • Dig Deeper - These questions are where the guide connects the book to Biblical concepts and a Biblical perspective. 
  • Projects and Activities - Hands-on activities, project ideas, map work, and writing projects take comprehending the story to the next level. 
Sassy really enjoyed reading Miss Rumphius as well as answering the questions and completing the projects in the study guide. Before she read the book, I printed out the pages of questions from the Before-You-Read Study section. While she read the book, I printed out the pages of questions in small sections for her to complete, usually 1 or 2 pages per day. 

One of her favorite activities was to use watercolor paints to create a picture like some of the illustrations in the book.

Progeny Press offers study guides for all ages and reading levels - Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School. Usually I am able to find study guides for books that cover whatever time period we are studying in history so that our reading corresponds, but I also like to have my small people complete study guide for books that are just good, classic literature.

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Progeny Press Review

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