Saturday, April 1, 2017

Don't Mess With My Cub

Sassy had 2 soccer games today. And my mama bear had to come out during the 2nd one. I can get pretty animated at my children's soccer games, cheering for them and their teammates, but today I got HOT. Sassy was getting repeatedly shoved to the ground by a girl twice her size, and the final time she elbowed Sassy in her spine and Sassy collapsed on the ground sobbing. I managed to limit myself to just yelling at the ref that he needed to do something to keep this from continuing to happen. It's crazy how physical a 9 year old's soccer game has become since this isn't the first time that Sassy has been targeted by players on the other team. I try to tell her to just get back at them by playing good soccer, and today she did - scoring 3 of the 5 goals.

So yes, today I was a crazy soccer mom, but my first job is to protect my cub. 😉
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