Small People

Small People

Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Boy's favorite food is fudge, so when I asked each child what they wanted to make with me this week, I wasn't really surprised when he chose fudge. We've tried several different recipes over the past few years, but our favorite is my grandmother's fudge recipe.

Put into a large bowl:
     1/2 lb butter
     3 sm pkg chocolate chips
     2 cups nuts (optional)
     1 tsp vanilla

Boil below ingredients together for 6-8 minutes. Stir constantly.  
     1 lg can evaporated milk
     4 1/2 cups sugar
     20 mini marshmallows    

Pour milk, marshmallow, and sugar mixture over mixture in bowl. Mix thoroughly.

Pour into large flat pan.  

Let stand in refrigerator 2 or more days. (I'm going to have to be honest - we're lucky if it sits overnight before we cut into it and start eating. I have no idea why the recipe says for it to sit that long.)

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