Small People

Small People

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Living in the South means that snow is a rare occurrence; snow at Christmastime is even more rare. Waking up the morning after Christmas to find that we were in a winter wonderland was almost surreal. At 7 am, the girls were up and wanting to go outside. Knowing that The Boy would be VERY upset if I let him sleep while they were out in the snow, I went into his room and serenaded him with "Let It Snow". Normally, my singing to wake him up makes him crazy and he crawls even further under the covers, but once he realized what I was singing, he was up and quite excited about it.

So outside we went. The first thing Sassy Pants did was pick up some snow, yell "Snowball", and throw it at The Boy.
The older girls had to try catching some on their tongues, and then they tried to teach Sassy Pants how to catch them.

The Boy was much more interested in making snowballs than catching snowflakes.

Little Red and Ballerina decided to brave the cold, wet snow and made snow angels.

Ballerina's snow angel

My favorite thing about snow is how beautiful it makes everything look. These are some of the sights from my front yard of the neighbors' trees.

 When we came in for breakfast, I asked the girls what their favorite gift was from Christmas. Ballerina and Little Red both said that the one they got from God was their favorite; they loved the snow!
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