Small People

Small People

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Icebergs in the Bathtub

This week, Little Red has been studying the letter Pp and learning about penguins. To learn more about the ice floats that penguins live on, we made icebergs and floated them in the bathtub. To make the icebergs, yesterday we filled ziploc bags halfway with water and then put them in the freezer, trying to make them into interesting shapes. Today we took them out of the freezer and cut them out of the bags. Then we put them into the bathtub and did some observations. Little Red discovered that most of the iceberg is below the water.
Little Red had fun putting them into the bathtub to see how they floated.
Having fun crashing the icebergs into each other.

As they melted, they made some interesting shapes.
I think the older kids wish that I had used the My Father's World curriculum with them when they were in kindergarten. While Little Red and I were doing the iceberg activity, every one of them wandered in to see how "cool" Little Red's icebergs were. That's The Boy's finger in the picture of Little Red holding the 2nd iceberg.

Little Red wasn't the only one who got to do some hands-on learning today. In our study of Kenya today, we learned that jewelry is a sign of respect for a man in the Kikuyu tribe. We made African necklaces out of paper plates.

The Boy's soccer interest was obvious as he made his necklace. He made one for his favorite pro soccer team - Barcelona.

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