Small People

Small People

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Into Africa

We started back to school on Monday and began our study of Africa in geography on Tuesday. Tuesday, we stamped our passports as we left Germany to enter Kenya. The kids labeled many countries on their Africa maps, and added flag stickers to the countries.

In science, we began our study of grasslands. Yesterday we read about the plants that grow on the grasslands and did notebook pages to show what we learned.
The Boy wrote about how grass has the ability to grow back after it's been eaten.
Soccer Girl wrote about how the grains that are used for food have seeds that don't fall off the plant easily.
Ballerina wrote about how the baobab tree stores water in its trunk.
I love how all three of the children listened to me read the same pages, but each came away with something different to add to their notebook.

During geography, we played the Geography Game. Thank you, thank you, thank you to My Father's World for such an awesome curriculum. I have always been terrible at geography and actually was a little fearful about how I would be able to teach it to my children. Because of the way geography is presented in Exploring Countries and Cultures, I no longer have to fear; my children can name all of the countries in North and South America and most in Europe. In fact, I don't think I've ever won the Geography Game against them. Yesterday was the first day of the Africa part of the game. Because it was a new continent for us all, it was pretty humorous as the country card would be passed to each person because NONE of us knew where it was located. It's on the schedule again for today. I'm sure that the children will all be much better at locating the countries. I, of course, will probably still struggle.
Soccer Girl was already dressed for gymnastics, which is why she looks like she's wearing next to nothing, compared to her brother and sister who are both wearing sweats.
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