Small People

Small People

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Nemesis

Nemesis is defined as "something that a person cannot conquer." That would make laundry my nemesis. I've often heard people say that they need to get caught up on laundry; in fact, I've said that myself before. I've discovered, though, that unless my family joins a nudist colony, I will never be caught up on laundry. Seven people generate A LOT of laundry. Even on days when I have washed every piece of clothing from the hampers, just the clothes on our bodies creates at least one load for the next day, and that doesn't include towels or sheets.

I think I have come up with a system that, while not perfect, works for my family. Each weekday morning, sorting laundry is on the chore list for the oldest 3 small people. The Boy is responsible for his clothes, Soccer Girl is responsible for hers and Sassy's, and Ballerina is responsible for hers and Little Red's. They bring their sorted clothes into my bedroom and combine their respective piles (all darks together, all light colors, etc.) After this, I sort mine and Robb's into piles with the small people's clothes and start washing. Throughout the morning, I rotate loads of laundry through the washing machine and dryer. As clothes finish in the dryer, they are piled into the corner section of the couch. 

After school is over, I start folding while I watch whatever is on my DVR for me. Folding also has a system. We have a large sectional couch with 5 seats, not including the corner section. The Boy's clothes all get folded and put on one cushion, Sassy's on another, the big girls all wear about the same size so their clothes all get folded together and put on another cushion, Robb's and mine go together on one cushion, and the last cushion is for towels, sheets or any other miscellaneous items that ended up in the laundry. After everything is folded, everyone is responsible for putting away clothes. 

Maybe nemesis is a harsh word for my laundry. While I may never conquer it, I can control it.

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