Small People

Small People

Saturday, February 12, 2011

India and Butterflies

While we're still in Asia in our geography study, we've moved over to India. Of course, we needed have our passports stamped stickered as we entered the country.

We also colored in India on our world travels map.

Next up, we labeled our maps of Asia and added flags to the Asia pages in our world map book.

To end the week, we made stone inlay creations. After making their creations out of clay, they inlaid the jewels while the clay was still wet. The Boy made a snake.

Soccer Girl's started out as a bowl, but after a while she decided to flatten it and make a plate.

Ballerina was very meticulous about her bowl. She asked for a cup of water so she could use it to smooth out any cracks and creases in the clay.

This week for Little Red, the topic was Bb - Butterflies. We had a great time reading about butterflies and learning the life cycle of a butterfly. To finish off her week, she made a butterfly. First, she scraped shavings off of crayons onto wax paper. After that, I ironed the wax paper to melt the shavings. Then, she cut the wax paper into a heart shape and added a pipe cleaner for a set of antennae.

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