Small People

Small People

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More India and Frogs

This week in Geography, we finished up our study of India. Our read-aloud for the past couple of weeks has been Amy Carmichael from the Christian Heros: Then and Now series. I love reading these books with my small people. While they may never decide to be missionaries to a foreign country, I pray that they will take something from these books and try to live lives that matter for the Lord.
We colored the flag of India and learned about the significance of each color chosen for it.

I finally came in 1st in a game of our Geography Game. Ballerina and I tied yesterday, only one country ahead of The Boy and Soccer Girl. They constantly amaze me with how well they are learning geography. I actually think I just got lucky yesterday; I got countries like India and China to find on my map and not Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

In kindergarten here, this week we studied Ff - Frogs. We read lots of books about frogs and finished out the week reading from Frog and Toad Together.
Little Red wrote and illustrated a book about frogs.

She also drew the life cycle of a frog.

In non-school-related stuff, we have been soccer crazy here. Last weekend, we had a full weekend of soccer. Robb is helping coach a U-12 team, and they had an 8:30am game on Saturday. Little Red and Balleina are both playing in the recreational league, and they both had 11am games. Soccer Girl is playing her first season of Select (or classic level) soccer, and she had a double header last Saturday - 12:30 and 2:50. The Boy is also playing Select (this is his 2nd season), and they had a 1:00 game. Thankfully all of our games were home, so they were all at the same set of fields. I did get a lot of exercise walking from game to game, though. Sunday afternoon, Soccer Girl had another game at 2:50, also at home. The Boy had ODP (Olympic Development Program) training in Columbia from 4-6 Sunday afternoon, so Robb and I had to divide and conquer; he stayed here with all the girls to go to Soccer Girl's game and I went with The Boy. I took a ton of pictures and have spent the week editing them. At some point, I'll have them ready to share.

This weekend we have another full soccer weekend. Both of the Select teams are playing in a tournament in Sumter. The Boy's team starts us off at 8:30 and has to be on the field at 7:45 this morning, which is why I'm up at 5am on a Saturday. I'm sure I'll take another large batch of pictures this weekend also.

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