Small People

Small People

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Saudi Arabia

This week we finished up our study of Saudi Arabia. We spent time practicing how to write Arabic letters.

We also learned about why a camel has large feet. We saw how easy it was to press a camel's leg (a pencil) into the sand if it has a small round hoof at the end. Then we saw how the camel's leg with a large round foot (a quarter taped on the end of the pencil) doesn't sink into the sand as easily.

We colored the flag of Saudi Arabia. Did you know that it is green because green is a traditional Muslim color? I didn't until this week.

The Boy usually spends his free time building things with Legos. This week he spent his Lego time designing a structure that looked like some of the mosques he saw in the books we had about Saudi Arabia.

The twins learned about place value to the hundreds place. We sorted beans into groups of 100 to see how many there were; we ended up with 926!

Little Red learned about Jj - Jewels. With her having the flu, we didn't do nearly as many activities as we would have if she had felt better.
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