Small People

Small People

Sunday, March 20, 2011


In order to finish up our Exploring Countries and Cultures study by the time I want to officially end this school year, we had to choose 1 country to only spend a week instead of 2 weeks studying. The small people and I decided it would be Japan - for no other reason than that it was the next one on the list to study when we were trying to figure out what we wanted to shorten. I couldn't leave out any of the interesting material or activities, so we just crammed 2 weeks of assignments into 1.

What a fascinating time to study Japan! With the earthquake and tsunami causing such widespread devastation, Japan was on everyone's minds. We were able to see images from before and after that shared the extent of the devastation. With her heart for people, Ballerina was especially concerned for the people of Japan and their loss. We were able to have some very good times of prayer, lifting them up to the Lord for His comfort and for Him to use this to draw people to Him.

As with all the countries we've studied this year, we learned about and colored the flag.

We also learned about the art of origami. The twins received an origami paper doll kit for their birthday last year, and this was the perfect time to use it. We all have a lot of respect for people who are really good at origami; this was difficult!

We continued our study of the ocean, including an experiment to find out why the water in the ocean gets colder as it gets deeper. The hypothesis posed by the small people was because the sun couldn't heat it up that deep. We poured colored cold water into a bathtub full of hot water. The cold water instantly sank to the bottom. Since there is no sunlight influencing the temperature in the bathroom, we saw that the hypothesis would not work and learned that cold water must be heavier than hot water so it sinks to the bottom.
Side note - the only food coloring I had was red, which is why it looks like we were pouring blood into the bathtub.

I went to the Southeast Homeschool Conference on Friday and had a wonderful time!

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