Small People

Small People

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last Friday night, The Boy was playing soccer with the U12 All Star team. During the scrimmage, his foot was stepped on. If you've never been stepped on by a foot wearing soccer cleats, it is PAINFUL! By the time Robb brought him home, his foot was pretty swollen and turning purple. We immediately put ice on it and elevated it. He spent the rest of the night with his foot up in the air.

Saturday morning, the swelling and bruising looked better, and he said that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as it had the night before. So, we let him play in his Upward game that morning. He wasn't able to shoot with the top of his foot, but he could with the inside and he scored 2 goals for his team that way. When we got home, his foot was starting to swell again, so we did a little more elevation for it.

Sunday afternoon, he had 2 games with the Select team. In the first game, his foot was stepped on AGAIN in the first half. Since it was a "friendly" game and didn't count for the conference they're in, he sat out most of the 2nd half. In the 2nd game, he played - a lot. A couple of times he shot the ball or ran into someone and grimaced. I could tell he was in pain, but there was no way he was going to go out of the game unless he was forced.

Monday morning, his foot looked worse than it did Friday night. The bruising was all down the inside of his foot and across the top. Here are pics of it Monday morning.

We have been very blessed. This is the worst injury he has had from playing soccer, and he's been playing for 7 years. I know that soccer is a contact sport, and the opportunity for injury is pretty good. The fact that this is the worst he's had, and it is fairly minor, is indeed a blessing.
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