Small People

Small People

Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Journey to Russia

Two weeks ago, we left Japan and headed into Russia. We learned about the Russian flag.

We had some really good books in the book basket. Here are a few:
We learned Russian numbers.
The most fun activity we did was to make Russian jeweled eggs. First, we poked holes in the ends of the eggs and blew out the yolk. After that we rinsed out the eggs and let them dry overnight.

The next day, we used puffy and glitter paint pens to decorate our eggs. We also had jewel-like stickers to use. I made mine simple for them to use as an example.

They went all out decorating their eggs. Here is Little Red's.
Next is Ballerina's.

Soccer Girl made hers into a little egg person. Very cute!

The Boy's egg had a soccer theme, of course; specifically his favorite team Barcelona and his favorite player Messi.

We also had some fun with our spelling words last week. We used M&M's to spell out our words. Sassy didn't want to be left out so she also got a little cup of M&M's, which she used to make shapes.

I think what they loved the most, though, was getting to eat their cup of M&M's at the end of the lesson.
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