Small People

Small People

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am behind on the ABC's of homeschooling weekly meme. The craziness that has been my life has gotten in the way. Therefore, it is only fitting that C is for chaos.

The chaos comes in many forms.
  1. Trying to juggle the needs of 5 children - educationally, physically, and emotionally - can lend itself to chaos. One way I try to make things easier for all of us is to have a schedule for our day. This helps me to make sure that I get to everything I want to get to each day and no subjects get neglected, and it helps the small people know to expect throughout the day. 
  2. Teaching the small people who live here is a full time job. So is taking care of the house in which we live. So is being a mom of 5 children who have activities outside of schooling. Sadly, I am not always able to balance all of these, and most often, it is housekeeping that gets put on the back burner. I am the first to admit that I have never been really good at maintaining a perfectly clean house. Trying to keep up with everything else on my plate hasn't really helped me improve in that area. 
  3. The past couple of weeks have been nothing but chaos. First, we had the original incident where Sassy injured her eye. Then on Tuesday of last week, I had to take her back to the medical university ophthalmologist for a follow up appointment. During that trip, they decided to go ahead and do the outpatient surgery to put a tube in her tear duct. She also had a mass in her eye that they wanted to look at more closely during the surgery. Turned out that she had another laceration to her eyelid that hadn't been caught on Friday. We had to back to Charleston 2 days later for yet another follow up appointment. This week from Monday through Wednesday, we had standardized testing with our homeschool group.
Although choosing to homeschool brings a certain level of chaos to our home, I can't imagine doing things differently. 

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