Small People

Small People

Monday, June 13, 2011

Clay Painting

I've been slack - slack about blogging and slack about being creative. We've only done 1 day of creativity since last Wednesday; the small people painted their clay creations.

Some of the creations didn't fare so well, and we had missing arms, legs, and even heads from some of the people. I had them go ahead and paint the individual pieces for me to glue them back together later. I thought that would be easier than risking them breaking again during the painting process.

 I love Little Red's face in this picture. Her eyes are so striking!
Soccer Girl was so intent on painting and didn't even notice the paint all over her hand or on her nose.

I have no idea how much creativity we will have this week. The Boy and Soccer Girl are at soccer camp in a nearby town, which means I get to hang out with the other 3 small people in that big metropolis (sarcasm) for 4 hours every morning. Today we hit the mall and the library there. Then by the time we got home, I was wiped out; I can't imagine how much more tired Soccer Girl was after having spent those 4 hours in the sun playing soccer. The Boy gets done in the afternoon and is catching a ride back home with a teammate. (Bless them! This way I don't have to hang out ALL day there.) I'm sure he'll be even more exhausted than the rest of us were.
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