Small People

Small People

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paper Bead Necklaces

I found the idea for paper bead necklaces over at The Idea Room. They were originally supposed to be bracelets, but I cut the paper triangles too wide so they worked better as necklaces. We're going to try again to make bracelets with thinner triangles.

First, the girls chose 2 different pieces of patterned paper. I knew there was a reason that I still own millions of sheets of scrapbook paper. These were cut into triangles. The wider the base, the longer the bead. I had 2 inch bases, which were much too long for bracelets, and were even a little too long for necklaces. I will definitely make thinner triangles the next time around.
After slathering glue all over the back of the triangles, the small people then rolled them up. The Boy helped Sassy with her necklace.
Once they were rolled, the beads were ready to be strung onto the string. Because the beads were wide, we found it was easier to string them using a needle on the string.
While the beads were wider than I would have liked, I think the end result still turned out cute.

Sassy is always the clown. This was the face she made the first time I tried to take a pic of her with her necklace.

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