Small People

Small People

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pajama Run

This weekend we had a girls' weekend. Robb and The Boy left yesterday afternoon to go to the lake, so the girls and I declared it an "All-Girls' Party". I told them I had a surprise for them at some point during the weekend, but I wouldn't tell them what.

The surprise was a pajama ice cream run. Last night, we did our usual routine and I got all of the girls tucked in to bed. After about 5 minutes, I went running upstairs yelling "Get up! Get up! Put your shoes on!" I told them that we were going to get ice cream and to go get in the van. We then drove to Sonic to get ice cream. All 4 girls ordered blasts - 2 Reese's, 1 M&M, and 1 Oreo.
Since the girls were in their pj's, they didn't want to sit outside at Sonic, so we brought our treats home to eat them. It's a good thing we don't live far from Sonic because it was still HOT when we went, and the treats were already starting to melt by the time we got home.
The laughter of my girls while we were on our escapade and then eating our ice cream was my reward for planning this for them. We definitely will be repeating this, although I can't say when because that would take away the fun of it being a surprise.

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  1. mmmm yummy icecream! Your children are so cute! Thank you for visiting my blog!


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