Small People

Small People

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our version of a Physical Education

"How do you teach PE?" This question was asked of me by someone who had just learned that I homeschool. Truthfully, I don't. That isn't to say that my children don't get some sort of physical education. It actually brings me to our next letter in the ABC's of Homeschooling.

S is for Sports

First, we have soccer. Anyone who knows my family knows that if you can't find us at home, we're probably at the soccer fields. The Boy is a soccer addict. He plays on one of the travel teams, watches soccer in his free time, participates in pick-up games as often as possible, knows the stats for more players than I can name, etc. Soccer Girl isn't quite as addicted, but she's getting there. She also plays on a travel team. Between the amount of time they practice and play with their teams and the time they spend at home getting touch on the ball, they get plenty of physical activity.
Those in my house who do not play soccer, dance. Yes, we consider dance a sport at our house. Our dancers put forth just as much physical effort as our soccer players. Ballerina LOVES dancing and at one point said she wants to be a ballet teacher when she grows up. (She might still want to, but at this age, her life goals change daily.) Little Red enjoys ballet, not as much as Ballerina, but she still has fun dancing. I love watching her on stage because she always has a smile on her face. Sassy will be joining the other 2 girls at the dance studio this year, which will be interesting.
Like I said, I don't teach them physical education, but I do have them in activities where they learn the importance of being physically active. My soccer players are learning good sportsmanship and how to win and lose gracefully. My dancers are learning to conduct themselves like ladies (I absolutely adore their teacher and love how she puts an emphasis on this). These lessons will help them, not just in the here and now, but for life.

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