Small People

Small People

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week in Review - Week 4

Another week with very few pictures, but a lot of work done.

Bible - We studied Pharaoh's dreams of the fat cows and skinny cows and the fat ears and skinny ears and created a page for our Joseph books.
History - We continued reading Augustus Caesar's World, discussing how Herod became the King of the Jews and the marriage of Antony and Cleopatra.

Science - The girls finished their study of muscles by creating a newspaper article and a lift-the-flap book about muscles.

The Boy began the unit on Scientific Inquiry.

1st grade - Little Red continued marking the vowel sounds with short, long, and silent markings, and her reading is progressing quite rapidly now. Praise the Lord!!

Preschool - Sassy Pants and I worked on one-to-one correspondence. She recognizes all of her numbers to 10, although it took her a couple days to stop calling "10" twelve. We also worked on comparing numbers - Which number is bigger, 3 or 7? Which number is smaller?

In our extra-curricular activities last week, The Boy had his first referee job. Over the summer, he took the class to get his ref license, and last week he got his first paying job reffing both a 1st-3rd grade soccer game and a 4th-6th grade game in our local private school league.

The coin toss

Last year, Robb began a homeschool sports association for the homeschoolers in our area. We are in our 2nd year of the Palmetto Homeschool Athletics, and The Boy plays on the 4th-6th grade soccer team that competes in the private school league. We had our first game of this season last week. We got off to a great start with The Boy scoring the first goal of the game. In all of our games last year, we never had a lead, so this was a nice change. Unfortunately, we weren't able to hold on to that lead, and we lost the game 2-1. Even so, GREAT JOB, Warriors!
Going for the goal!

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