Small People

Small People

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week in Review - Week 5

Bible - Our study of Joseph brought us to the time of the world-wide famine and Joseph's brothers journeying to Egypt to buy grain. We also began memorizing the books of the New Testament. It is so precious to hear Sassy Pants saying them, "Matthew, Lark, Luke, John."

History - We discussed Roman family life and clothing. We learned how wealthy Romans gave their infants jeweled rattles and made our own jewels.

At one point Sassy was creating something that resembled a pig face.

Sassy's final creation - notice the pig face has morphed into a snake.

Science - The girls spent the week studying the Digestive and Renal Systems. The Boy learned about the scientific method. The four older ones finished the week with a field trip to ScienceSouth, where they spent the morning using the scientific method experimenting with how many drops of water will fit on a penny and making a balloon car. They had a great time and are looking forward to October's class on ecology. Sassy enjoyed the 2 hours of having me to herself.

1st grade - Little Red's reading is improving each week. She even told me that she thinks her phonics work is too easy (it isn't, but I'm glad she thinks so). She's mastered reading words with silent e, and is now working on other ways that long vowel sounds are made.

Preschool - Sassy used the pegboard and stacking pegs to sort by color and make color patterns.

Read-Aloud - The Bronze Bow is the book I'm reading with the older ones. With Little Red and Sassy, I read books by Margaret Wise Brown. One of our favorites was The Little Scarecrow Boy. After the story, Sassy and Red practiced their (not-so)scary scarecrow faces.

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