Small People

Small People

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week in Review - Sept 19-30

I'm so far behind that I'm combining 2 weeks of reviews into 1. Not only that, but I'm not counting my weeks any more because I keep losing count. I'm pitiful.

History - We are still reading Augustus Caesar's World. We learned about how Augustus commissioned Virgil to write the Aeneid to preserve the religion of the Romans. We also discussed how the months and days were named.

Science - The Boy finished up his study of the scientific method with a couple of experiments exploring the effect of weight on the free fall of objects.

The girls finished up their study of the digestive system and created a pocket book, writing facts on cut-outs of food to place in the mouth.
They began their study of the respiratory system.

Writing - We are using IEW this year, and I'm seeing tremendous improvement in the twins' writing. Ballerina, who used to despise writing, actually seems to enjoy it using this approach. I'm using IEW at home with both her and The Boy, and Soccer Girl is doing an IEW class at our co-op.
1st Grade - Little Red is still plugging away at learning to read. She's starting to use context clues to help figure out words, in addition to sounding them out. It's exciting to see her able to read some of the easy reading books she checked out from the library.

Preschool - Sassy Pants was excited to get to use the new Carlito C. Caterpillar's MathHouse Game Card set that I received to review. You can read more about them here. She especially loved getting to eat the manipulatives (M&M's). She had her mouth stuffed full.

Co-Op - I mentioned that Soccer Girl is taking an IEW class at co-op. I love our co-op! The ladies (and gentlemen) who teach are such a wonderful group. Sassy is still going through a clingy phase, so dropping her off at her first class usually draws some tears, but once she's in there, she has a blast the rest of the morning.
Little Red's classes are
  • The Magic School Bus - a science class based on the videos and books
  • Literature Pockets
  • Worship and Wonder - where they learn stories from the Bible.
Ballerina's classes are
  • American Girl History - which she loves since she loves the American Girl books
  • A Trip Around the World - a world geography class
  • Worship and Wonder with Caelin
Soccer Girl's classes are
  • Spanish
  • IEW
  • Meet the Masters - an art class based on the paintings of the masters
The Boy's classes are
  • Art
  • Apologetics
  • US Geography 
 In The Boy's Art class, he had to do a pencil sketch of our house. Of course, when he went out to do his sketch, Soccer Girl had to go also.

Homeschool Soccer - Our homeschool soccer team is doing amazing this year! We went from not winning a game last year to now we have a 3-1 start. The Boy's done a great job, scoring 7 of our 9 goals.
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