Small People

Small People

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas songs

I have a new favorite Christmas song. For years, my favorite song at Christmastime has been "Mary, Did You Know?" While I still like it a lot, my new favorite is "How Many Kings?" by Downhere.

This song embodies everything I believe about Christmas - There is only ONE God who sent HIS Son to this earth so suffer and die for MY sins. I don't deserve it. I can never be good enough; it is only through that sacrifice that I can receive eternal life.

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. Sadly, many churches are not having a service on Sunday so that families can celebrate Christmas. Really??? If we stop to think about what Christmas is about, shouldn't we desire to spend at least a portion of our day in worship of Him? Christmas isn't about presents, or family, or baking, or decorating - although all of those things are good, none of them should be our focus. The minister of music at our church wrote this editorial  about the lack of services on Christmas Day.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Why is it special to you?

On an unrelated note, can anyone answer this question - what in the world do "scary ghost stories" have to do with Christmas? Every time I listen to "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", I ask myself that question. I still don't have an answer.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to ...

My Blog!! Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of my starting this blog.

In the past year, I've written 158 posts beginning with this one.

I've written about a wide variety of topics, mostly homeschooling things but sometimes just family stuff. Back in April, I wrote about Brittany's accident where she hurt her eye. I'm happy to say that after having surgery 2 days after that post to put a tube in her tear duct, she was able to get the tube out in October and is doing great. There is no evidence that she even had the accident. (And she still hasn't learned not to run through the house.)

Apparently, the map of Africa that I added to Into Africa is quite a popular hit for google searches. That post is by far my most popular, and I'm sure it's not because the information in it is that interesting.

Thank you to all of you who have read what I've written this year.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Nutcracker

Ballerina and Little Red both take ballet at the local ballet school. Little Red is in the preparatory level, and Ballerina is in the lowest level of company this year after having spent 2 years at the preparatory level.

Every year, the ballet school does a performance of the Nutcracker. The preparatory kids, along with some girls from outside the ballet school, are the angels. Here's Little Red in her angel costume.

Ballerina has been looking forward to being in company for a LONG time. She was so excited this year because she got to dance in 2 roles - a mouse and a gingersnap.

Performing in the Nutcracker requires a lot of hard work and a lot of rehearsal and performance time. Theater week was rehearsal on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday that were about 2 hours. Wednesday was semi-dress rehearsal and Thursday was dress rehearsal. Both rehearsals started at 7, and both nights we finally left the theater around 10:30. All that hard work was worth it, though, because the performances were absolutely wonderful.
The backdrop for the party scene
Ballerina is the mouse on the left side of the stretcher

Ballerina is the front mouse jumping

Ballerina is the one on the left side messing with her neck strap

My red-headed angel

This next shot is one of my favorites, even though it's not of either of my girls. I love watching the older company girls dance, and I got this shot of their feet during Snow.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What We Learned in November

I don't know about you, but for me, this school year is just flying by. Maybe it's because we have been so busy; I don't know. Anyway, here is what we worked on during November:

Bible - We spent November studying the life of Daniel. Since the 4 older kids had performed the church musical about  Daniel this summer, this was just a refresher for them.We made books about Daniel's life. Here are their pages about Nebuchadnezzar's golden image and the fiery furnace.
Sassy Pants's drawing of the fiery furnace

History - We finished the Roman Empire!! Now we get to move into the Byzantine Empire. The kids (and I) learned a lot about the lives of the Roman people, especially the emperors.

Science - The girls studied the brain and the nervous system. We had a really important lesson about how we learn information by making connections in our brain. The more connections that are made, the better we learn something. This really helped the girls to see why I have them do so many things with new information - listen to me read about it, read about it themselves, write/notebook about it, etc.

Spanish - We use Rosetta Stone for Spanish. The kids seem to learn it quite well, which makes me happy.

Typing - After watching The Boy hunt and peck for the past couple of years when typing a paper, I decided to get a simple typing game for the computer to help the older three learn to type. I've seen tremendous improvement in the speed of their typing. While they may not hold their fingers on the correct keys, they at least know where each letter is located.
1st grade - Little Red is really reading well now. She started her Bible book, and every day she reads to one of the older kids.

Co-op - We had our last day of classes for this semester the Thursday before Thanksgiving. As much as I enjoy co-op, 10 weeks is just the right length. The Boy has really learned a lot in his US Geography class.
That night, our homeschool group had it's semi-annual Fine Arts Night. Usually, The Boy sings in it, but this year he had soccer practice that he couldn't miss so he was going to be late to Fine Arts and had to skip singing. He did have art work from his co-op art class on display, though.

Other - We also did some Thanksgiving theme activities. Little Red worked on some Thanksgiving sight words, and Sassy Pants did number recognition and one-to-one correspondence with pilgrims and Indians.
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