Small People

Small People

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week in Review - January 1-7

This was our first week back to school since Christmas break. While I really enjoyed our time off to relax and spend time together as a family, I was happy for the structure that our school day brings.

Bible - We began a study of the birth and childhood of Jesus before Christmas. This week we discussed the birth of Christ and the visit from the Wise Men. They made pages for their Jesus books. While they were doing their drawings, Sassy Pants entertained us with her version of The First Noel. Instead of "Noel, Noel", her words were "No crib, No crib." At least she understood that part of the Bible story.
Soccer Girl's drawing of Jesus in the manger

The Boy's drawing of the angel announcing Jesus' birth to the shepherds. The shepherd on the right is saying, "I think I'm going to faint."
History - In history, we talked about the barbarian kingdoms that were established after the Roman Empire fell and began studying the Franks and Charles the Hammer.
Science - The girls and I are finishing up the Apologia Anatomy book. We began the last chapter about genetics. It was fun to discuss how Little Red and The Boy ended up with red hair when neither Robb nor I have red hair. We also discussed the difference between how fraternal and identical twins are formed. Soccer Girl and Ballerina found that very interesting since they are fraternal twins.

Reading - Soccer Girl and Ballerina began reading The Minstrel in the Tower, and The Boy started Redwall. Both books are set in medieval times so they will correspond with what we're studying in history.

1st Grade - Little Red is just flying through her Bible reading book and is comprehending her phonics lessons so much quicker than she was. She's finally reading well enough that I can give her some independent work every day to do while I work with the others. Yay!!

Preschool - Sassy Pants loves anything to do with numbers, which doesn't surprise me since she's so much like The Boy and he's also very good at math. This week she was using manipulatives to work out simple addition and subtraction problems. She's not as comfortable with her alphabet, but I'm not too stressed about it. She recognizes most of her letters, and she's only 4. Plus, she has an October birthday, so if I sent her to school, she'd only be in 3K. I'm content with where she is.

Independent Reading - Ballerina (age 8) is participating in the Excellence in Reading book challenge this year, with a goal of reading 52 books from the lists. This week she read The Secret Garden.  Here's her review:
The Secret Garden was about a girl named Mary who moved from India to England. While in England, she met a boy named Colin. Mary finds a secret garden while playing in the gardens. She and Colin spend a lot of time in the secret garden and have adventures. I liked this book because the mystery of the garden was interesting. I recommend that you read this book.

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