Small People

Small People

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week in Review - January 15-21

Bible - This week we studied the ministry of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus.

History -We studied the establishment of the monasteries in England and Ireland and how the monks helped to preserve some of the history and writings from the Dark Ages. The small people colored a picture like those that the monks drew to illustrate their writings.
We also spent time studying Viking longships.

Science - The girls and I took the week off from science while we waited for Little Red's Astronomy notebook to come in. It finally arrived on Friday, so we're going to start on Monday. The Boy finished up his lab report on his DNA project.

Grammar -The twins began memorizing the poem "A Slash of Blue" by Emily Dickinson and drew a picture to illustrate the descriptions of the evening and morning skies.

Math - The Boy started learning how to multiply polynomials on Friday. He completely understood multiplying a polynomial by a monomial. I hope he catches on as quickly to multiplying 2 binomials.

Preschool -Sassy Pants worked on letter recognition. Strangely, she can only recognize letters by using the alphabet song. If I hold up a random letter and ask her what it is, she'll sing the song until she gets to that letter. I don't know if it helps her "see" the letter when she sings it, or if she just likes to sing.

She also worked on following simple directions. I would tell her things like "Lace the square with blue lace." She does great with one-step directions. Next up, 2-step directions.

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