Small People

Small People

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week in Review - January 8-14

Bible - We continued our study of Jesus' younger years, finishing the story of the visit from the Wise Men. We then talked, read, learned about the flight to Egypt to escape the mass murder of baby boys by King Herod. We also read about Jesus' visit to the temple at age 12. We discussed how when He returned to Nazareth with Mary and Joseph, the Bible says He was obedient to them. That even though He was God in human form, he set the example for them to obey their parents. He could have said, "I'm God, and you will listen to me. I will have MY way." But He didn't - He obeyed His parents.

History - We moved from the land of the Franks to Britain. We learned about the Celts, and then how the Celts were invaded by the Angles and Saxons, pushing them into Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. I read a portion of Beowulf to them. I never imagined, when I was studying Beowulf eons ago in high school, that I would be reading it (albeit a translation, not Middle English) to a 6th grader, 2 3rd graders, and a 1st grader. They absolutely loved it! Even Sassy Pants was able to retell parts of it to me.

Science - The girls finished their Anatomy books this week by making a mini-book about genetics and drawing the stages of development of a baby from conception to newborn.

I love the stick person baby in utero in Little Red's drawing.
The Boy also has been studying genetics in science, and he created a DNA model using pipe cleaners and beads.

Vocabulary - This is Soccer Girl working on her vocabulary assignment. She was supposed to read a passage containing this unit's vocabulary words and then answer comprehension questions about it. This assignment comes at the end of every vocabulary unit. Since we're on Unit 11, one would think that she'd be able to complete this on her own, but no. She still needs me to be right there. Even though all I do is listen to her as she talks out the answers on her own, she needs that comfort of knowing that I'm there to help if she needs it. As aggravating as it may be to me some days when I wish she would just work independently, I also know there will come a day when she won't need me there. That thought makes me sad.

Math - The Boy has spent the week learning about polynomials. First, he learned what they are and how to simplify them. Then he learned how to add and subtract them.
1st grade - Little Red continued reading in her Bible reading book, but instead of simply drawing a picture to illustrate the story, she is now writing a one-sentence summary.

Preschool - I know I've mentioned before how much Sassy loves anything to do with math - numbers, shapes, etc. We spent a lot of time this week with the peg board and pegs exploring numbers and shapes.

Independent Reading - The Boy has been reading on his own the past couple of weeks, reading 4 books. He has a goal to read at least 2 books a month, but one of them has to be non-Star Wars. All 4 of the books he's read so far are Star Wars books, so now he has to find another book to read this month.

Soccer Girl has also been doing a good bit of reading on her own. She found a series of books that are dog mysteries, and she's read 3 of them already in the past 2 weeks. 
Outside Activities - Little Red's basketball season is almost over. She's improved so much over the past few weeks. The first 2 games, she was very reserved and didn't really try to get the ball. Since then, she's gotten much better, taking a few shots each game. Yesterday she took 6 shots and made 1 basket! She was so proud of herself. Of course, Red ALWAYS has her own sense of style, so not only was she decked out in her basketball uniform, but she was also sporting a very stylish headband and some multi-colored monkey toe socks. I love this girl!

Over the winter break between soccer seasons, The Boy and Soccer Girl have been playing in an indoor soccer league in Columbia. I was able to get some shots from Soccer Girl's game yesterday. They aren't the best quality since they were taken through the glass. She scored a goal in her game yesterday too.

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