Small People

Small People

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looking for inspiration

Once upon a time I was a creative person. I could spend hours with photos and paper creating amazing scrapbook pages for my children's albums. I sent out handmade Christmas and birthday cards. I cross stitched stockings for my 3 older ones. I finished Ballerina's last year. (Ignore the wrinkles; I took the pics before I ironed it.)

I don't know what happened but I've lost my desire to do those things. Ballerina's stocking only was finished because she kept asking me about it, and I felt guilty about not having it finished for her. I've started Little Red's stocking, but it's very slow going. I struggle with motivation to pick it up and work on it.

I haven't done any scrapbook pages in a few years. I can't remember the last time I made a card.

Between schooling the kids all day and then ferrying them to their activities in the afternoons, I just don't have the desire to work on crafty stuff. I guess I've lost my muse.

Anyone have any suggestions for where to find my muse and get inspired to work on these things again?
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