Small People

Small People

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday Morning attitude

Our church is going through the Bible together this year, and it has been wonderful for helping me stay focused in my daily reading and keep plodding through those tough parts. We have a daily reading guide, and then each Sunday the lesson in Sunday School comes from the reading of the past week. The last couple of weeks have been in Leviticus.

As I was reading about all the details that God gave for how to worship in the Old Testament and for how Aaron was to prepare to enter the Holy Place, I started thinking about how I prepare to go to worship. Sadly, my attitude on Sunday mornings is usually not where it should be as I drive to church. I don't know why, but the 5 children who can get completely dressed in mere minutes every other day of the week, seem to take 5 times as long on Sunday mornings. When you add on to that, the time it takes to do hair for 4 girls, Sunday mornings become quite stressful at my house.

Is this really how I want my home to be before we leave to go to church? NO! I really don't want my children to grow up equating church attendance with a miserable, moody mother. I can't think of a faster way to push my children away from their faith. So I've had to sit back and think about how I can give Sunday mornings a more pleasant atmosphere at my house.

One thing that has helped is laying out all the small people's clothes on Saturday evening. I need to start laying out my clothes as well because I can't begin to count the number of Sunday mornings I've stood in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear. (Of course, if all of my clothes fit, that wouldn't be an issue. I'm working on that.)

Breakfast on Sunday mornings is simple - cereal and a poptart. While I know there are many out there that debate the nutritional value of such a breakfast, I don't think that eating this way one time a week (or 2 since they also eat that way on Saturdays) is going to developmentally harm my children. I would much rather have them eat this way and us have a pleasant morning before we leave for church than for me to make a large breakfast and us to all be rushing around and grouchy.

So what do you do to help make getting ready for church on Sunday morning a pleasant experience at your house?
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