Small People

Small People

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What We've Been Learning - History

Wow! It's been a while since I've shared what we've been learning here. We've been super busy so there's lots to share. In fact, there's so much to share that I'm going to break it down into separate posts.

We've spent a large amount of time in the medieval period. We talked about how most of the churches were built with stained-glass windows that helped tell Bible stories. Then we drew our own stained-glass windows.

 We also put together a medieval castle. (The pencils were used to hold down the towers while the glue dried.) The castle has gotten a lot of use during free time.

We made coats of arms that expressed our own interests.
Ballerina had ballet slippers.
Little Red had basketballs and ballet slippers.

Soccer Girl had Calvary, soccer balls and a Judy Moody book.
Mr. Perfectionist had to have perfect circles for his soccer balls.
The Boy had soccer balls and daggers.
During book basket time, we had plenty of books about medieval Europe to read.

We have now finished up the medieval period and are heading into the Renaissance. I'm looking forward to doing some really neat activities with the small people.
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