Small People

Small People

Friday, March 23, 2012

What We've Been Learning - Science

The girls are really enjoying their study of Astronomy. I absolutely love using Apologia for our science. It has the right balance of reading, activities, and notebooking so that my girls really seem to understand the material.

We finished up our study of the sun with an experiment using a magnifying glass, chocolate pieces, and sunshine. Using the magnifying glass, the girls aimed different size circles of sunlight onto the chocolate pieces to see which would melt fastest. They expected the largest circle of light to melt the chocolate fastest, but discovered that it was the smaller, more concentrated circle that melted fastest.

God sent us an extra science lesson while we were outside trying to melt the chocolate. We watched what appeared to be a scout ant come check out our melted chocolate.

The girls also wrote up this experiment and created a presentation for the science fair.

After finishing our study of the sun, we moved on to Mercury. We did an activity to show how even odd shaped rocks would leave round craters by dropping rocks into bowl of flour.

After Mercury, we moved on to Venus. We learned about how Venus is covered with volcanoes, and we did an activity to see how volcanic rock is formed. We poured melted butter over a bowl surrounded by flour and left it to see how the melted butter/flour mixture hardened. (I have used a lot of flour for science lately!)

After Venus, we studied Earth. We learned how God created earth with everything it needed to be perfect for life. Random accident from a "big bang"? I think not!

We're now studying the moon. We have some activities to do with our moon study next week. Hopefully, I'll be more on top of things and get those posted more promptly than these others.

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