Small People

Small People

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baskets of Fun

We don't "do" the Easter Bunny at our house. We also don't "do" Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. I've been told that we've stolen the fun from our children for holidays by not incorporating these fictional characters into the special day. I argue that my children still enjoy their holidays, and that it allows us to keep their focus on the real reason for celebrating Easter and Christmas. The Boy has even thanked me several times for choosing not to lie to him and his sisters about Santa Claus.

In spite of not having the Easter Bunny "visit" our house, we still have Easter baskets on Easter morning. We still dye eggs and have an egg hunt. I try to find at least one non-candy item to put in their baskets. This year, The Boy got a small Ninjago lego set, Soccer Girl and Ballerina got bracelet making kits, Little Red got a marker by number, and Sassy Pants got 2 puzzles and a pair of colorful socks.

We also dyed Easter eggs on Saturday. Because I can't stand chaos, only 2 small people could dye eggs at a time. Otherwise we would have ended up with a crazy mama. The Boy and Sassy Pants went together since The Boy's able to do his on his own and I could focus all of my energy on Sassy.

Yesterday we had an egg hunt after church. The older kids said I didn't hide the eggs hard enough. I reminded them that I have to make them relatively easy to let Sassy Pants have a chance. Maybe next year I can make it a little tougher for them.

All in all, we had a very nice Easter. (Even without the bunny).

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