Small People

Small People

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sassy's New Do

Sassy Pants is definitely the child that will keep me on my toes. At some point in their lives (usually around age 3 or 4), each of my small people have cut their own hair. Sassy Pants decided to do that today. Actually, this was not the first time she's cut her own hair. But it definitely is the most drastic cut of any of the small people.

Little Red came downstairs to inform me that Sassy was cutting her hair. So I called her downstairs thinking it would be just a small piece. NOPE! This is what I saw:

Brittany had never had a hair cut, so at 4 1/2, her hair had been pretty long all over. You can see the original length in the middle picture.

It was almost 6, and I didn't know what time the salon closes (I always go in the mornings) so I rushed her over there praying that they would still be open. They were! They took her right in and cleaned that mess up for me.

I've reminded myself over and over this evening, "It's just hair. It will grow back." Also, I think back to last year at Easter time, and how tragic her eye injury could have been. This is NOTHING compared to that. I do think, though, that next year for the week before Easter, I will wrap Sassy in bubble wrap and lock her in an empty room. (No, I won't actually do that.)
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