Small People

Small People

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This has been a week of testing. Testing of my patience, testing of my stamina, testing of my children's abilities.

It's standardized testing week for our homeschool group. For some reason, I agreed to be the testing coordinator. Praise the Lord for a wonderful homeschool group full of sweet Christian ladies, who are always willing to step up and help out - fourteen ladies who have stepped up and volunteered to give tests, to act as monitors in testing rooms, and keep the nursery. Fifteen, actually, since one mom answered my call for help today to fill in for someone who couldn't make it. I am so blessed by all of the helpers because there is NO way this could be pulled off by just me.

Testing my patience - there is a LOT that has to be done to make sure testing goes well. There's a lot of pressure on me to make sure that things get done, and it's stressful. Usually, this is when I lose it. I get snappy with the people who live in my house. I'm not a lot of fun to be around when I'm like that. This year, I'm trying to be different. I'm leaning a lot on the Lord because He is my strength and He can provide me patience to get through the tough times. Like I mentioned above, He's provided me with a wonderful group of ladies who support me and are always willing to help out.

Testing my stamina - Even though I'm used to teaching my own small people every day, testing is a different beast. From 8:30 to noon each day, we meet at a local church. I don't work nearly as hard as I do teaching my children, but I'm worn down by the time noon rolls around. I'm mentally drained, and I'm not even the one having to think - that's the kids' job this week.

Testing my children's abilities - I don't HAVE to have my children do standardized testing. It's not required under the accountability group I'm with. I know their strengths and weaknesses and could probably tell you today what their results will be without even knowing what they've marked on their answer sheets. However, I think it's important for them to do standardized testing. It helps to hold me accountable; I can see where there are gaps in their learning and make those a priority for the next year. Although the plan is for us to homeschool through high school, only God knows the future. There is no guarantee that my plans are His plans, so I think it's important that they know how to take a test. Not only that, but we plan for them to go to college. I don't want the SAT to be the first exposure they have to taking a standardized test.


  1. Interesting that you choose to test even if you don't have to. Assuming my kids are called to attend college, we'll, of course, have them take the ACT or SAT, as necessary...and I'll devote serious time in the semester prior to the tests on test practice. But I'm not a fan of standardized tests otherwise...because they have little correlation to the scope and sequence we've chosen as a family. Totally respect parental choice on the matter - and, if the tests ever became unavoidably mandatory here, I'd go with something tried and true like Iowa Basic Skills or CAT (never would I submit to more modern tests, which I had to monitor when I was a public school teacher, so I know what they're about) - but glad to not have to think about it now. :^)

    1. Tina, I can totally respect your position on not testing. We use the IOWA tests, and while science and history (social studies) don't match up with the way we've chosen to homeschool, it gives me a good opportunity to see just what they have picked up and what areas are a little weaker.

  2. TaMara, I agree with you. We test our children every year, even on years when our state doesn't require it. We feel that the more exposure they have to standardized tests they have, the less chance of test anxiety when it really counts. We do classical education, and the tests don't really match up with the way that we teach. I tell my kids that what they don't know, are things that we can easily fill in, as their studies in history and such are much more in depth than they would get in school.


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