Small People

Small People

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's finally Sassy Pants's turn to have an activity. The Boy and Soccer Girl have soccer, Ballerina and Little Red have ballet; now Sassy is playing t-ball.

She had her first practice 2 weeks ago. She was SO excited! This is something all for her; she doesn't have to share the spotlight with any of the other small people in our family. Being the youngest of 5, Sassy has had many opportunities to watch the older ones play sports. She's learned how to take turns and follow coaching. So I wasn't really surprised when she did so well at her practice. She caught right on to how to put her glove in front of the ball and had a great arm throwing it back.

Batting was a little more difficult. She's never tried to hit a ball off a tee before, and I think the tee was too low for her because she kept swinging over the ball. We went home and practiced with our tee, and she did much better.

I think her favorite thing from practice, though, was running to first base after she hit the ball.

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