Small People

Small People

Monday, July 2, 2012

Independence Day shirts

I decided to make shirts for the girls and I to wear on July 4th. (I offered to make one for The Boy; he didn't want one.)
The orange shirt with the heart was an extra one made that day.
All I needed were some solid-color t-shirts, bleach, stencils, cardboard, and cotton balls.

I cut some stars out of card stock with my Cricut (I LOVE that machine!). I used the cut-outs and the remaining stencils for the shirts. Since I'm not a big fan of messes inside my house, I moved my creativity outside to the driveway.

I placed the cardboard inside the shirt so the bleach wouldn't go through to the back. On the first set of shirts, I laid the stencil on the shirt and then rubbed a bleach-soaked cotton ball inside the stencil.

On the other shirts, I placed the cut-out on the shirt and then rubbed the bleach-soaked cotton ball around the cut-out.

I can't wait for us to get to wear our new shirts on Wednesday!

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