Small People

Small People

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day of School

Yesterday was our first day of school. Sassy Pants was beside herself with excitement because she started kindergarten yesterday. Of course, she thought that I was going to work with only her most of the day and was a little disappointed that she had to share that time with the older kids.

We started the day with our first day of school tradition. At each place at the breakfast table were new school supplies for each of the small people plus one fun item. For The Boy, it was a new Lego set. Soccer Girl received a bracelet making kit. Ballerina got this little keychain making set. Little Red got a marker-by-number set, and Sassy Pants got a VeggieTales coloring book (or as she calls it "veggin' tales").

I love how just by doing this, the first day of school feels like Christmas morning.

We only did a few subjects for school (Bible, history, science, and kindergarten withSassy), and then we headed to the library, which I think is the perfect field trip for the first day of school. After that, we met Robb for lunch.

Here's my crew:

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