Small People

Small People

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week in Review - Week 1

The first week of school was crazy! Somehow Sassy Pants got the idea when I was trying to get her pumped up about starting kindergarten this year, that I would be spending all of my time working with her. Unfortunately, with 4 other small people needing me to teach them, that just isn't possible. I'm sure that once we get into our routine, things will get better.

Day 1 - We started off with our traditional gifts of school supplies greeting the small people at the kitchen table and did just a few subjects. You can read more about that here.

Day 2 - We began the rest of the subjects full force.


We finished up our study of Noah that we began last year. Here are our pages for the final lesson on Noah and God's covenant with him.

This says, "God said He would never flood the earth again, and he would show that by a rainbow."
This says, "God said Noah could eat meat but not eat blood." and "God said do not kill."


We began our year learning about the explorers: Leif Ericsson and the Vikings, Christopher Columbus, De Soto, etc. After we read about Columbus sailing across the ocean, we created our own sailing boats out of aluminum foil and then set them afloat in the bathtub.
Sassy worked really hard on making a boat.

Sassy's boat

Little Red was really creative and made a boat with a mast.
Little Red's boat
Ballerina was not exactly excited about this activity. She ended up leaving the sheet of foil flat and making a raft.

Ballerina's boat (raft)
The Boy worked on making a Viking boat.
After each day's reading, each of the small people added information to their Early Explorers notebook page.


The older girls are finishing up Astronomy before co-op begins. Last week, they studied Saturn.

The Boy is doing physical science. He completed an activity where he studied using the measurements of cubits and fingers and found why they aren't reliable units of measurement. 


Sassy Pants and I began a study about creation which I'll share in our weekly wrap-up for week 2. We also have been doing a lot of letter recognition review. Last year, Sassy really struggled with letter recognition. Having successfully taught the older 4 to read, I knew that when she was ready, it would "click", so I didn't push her too hard on it last year. Sure enough, this week she's did a wonderful job of recognizing her letters! 

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