Small People

Small People

Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

I'm finding it hard to believe that 2012 is almost over. Less than 12 hours until we hit a new year. I decided to look back at the goals I set for 2012, and it's almost laughable how little I actually accomplished toward those goals. I have discovered that I am fantastic on SETTING goals, not so great on following up on said goals.

Nevertheless, I am back to set some goals for 2013. I need goals. I need to be working toward something, or at least feel like I am. Otherwise, I can easily let entire days go by while I just waste time reading blogs, pinning things on Pinterest, or goofing off on Facebook. (Oh, wait, I do that already while I do have goals. Maybe not doing that should become one of my goals.)
My 2013 Goals -
I hope to be as accurate at attaining this year's goals as my soccer-playing small people hope to be on the field.


Read and pray every day. I'm planning to do an in-depth reading through the New Testament letters this year. I also plan to keep a prayer journal.


Be deliberate in spending time with my family. Last year I had a goal to go out at least once a month on a date with Robb. While we didn't have one EVERY month, we did have more than we did the year before. This year, I want to continue to plan for a date with Robb at least once a month. I also want to make sure that at least 1 time a week, I do something special with ONE child. They need that one-on-one time with me.


Declutter the storage areas in the house. There are items in some of our closets that haven't been touched since we moved in to this house. That was 4 1/2 years ago. I'm thinking that if I haven't needed it in 4 1/2 years, I probably don't need it at all.

Improving my mind:

Read at least 1 non-school related book a month. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I want to read things for ME, not just to educate the small people.


Start an Etsy shop. I used to make homemade cards. I would like to get back into that and actually try to make some extra spending money in the process. 

Finish Little Red's Christmas stocking. I had this for one of my 2012 goals, but that apparently was a little too ambitious. I'm about halfway done with the actually stitching, and then I'll have to have it made into a stocking. 


Lose 30 lbs. That translates into about 2 1/2 lbs a month. I need to start exercising on a more regular basis, as well as making better choices in my eating habits.

Please, please, please, if I haven't updated my progress on these goals at the end of January, ask me how I'm doing with them! I obviously need some accountability in order to follow through. 


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