Small People

Small People

Friday, December 7, 2012

M&M Christmas Trees

With the late nights we've had the past couple of nights due to Nutcracker rehearsal, I decided to have a simple school day today. We watched a WWII documentary, and then did some Christmas activities.

The small people had a great time making M&M Christmas trees. They were messy, fun, and super simple. All we needed was sugar ice cream cones (the ones with the pointed ends), frosting, and Christmas colored M&Ms.

The finished products:

Of course I can never resist taking fun pics during the process. The Boy was trying to pretend to be upset with me for taking his picture. Right after I snapped it, he started laughing.
Soccer Girl just being Soccer Girl.


  1. These trees are very cute. Do you think they ate more candy than they used on the trees? Please consider adding this to Look What We Did.

    1. I'm sure they ate PLENTY of the candy, and then they ate the trees. They were hyped up on sugar. :)

  2. What a Neat idea! I think I will let my kids make these too. I am planning on doing a Christmas inspired mini unit study over the next week. I already have some books I have checked out at the library and I created my own Christmas word list on Spelling city, and some Math sheets I made myself; the only thing missing would be a yummy craft, which now I have ;)

    Happy Holidays,

  3. OH what a great post! I found this in a round-about way, via the hip homeschool moms weekly linkup and would LOVE it if you could share your post on Homeschooling on the Cheap!


  4. So cute! And, perfect use for some left over candy around here!

    Sharing this!

  5. HI TaMara - I was looking at the picture trying to figure out how you did this and voila - super easy! What a fun edible craft to make with the kids. Thanks for joining our Home for the Holidays party. Hugs, Holly


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