Small People

Small People

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Advent Activity Calendar

Earlier this week, I posted a plea for help on my FB page. I wanted to create an Advent Calendar for my family that had a different activity planned for each day. I received many great suggestions for which I am extremely grateful. The Advent Calendar has been made!
Even though I no longer am an active scrapbooker, I still own what could be a small scrapbook store. It's extremely handy for times like this when I'm feeling crafty.

To make the tree, I cut 3 colors of green card stock into 1 inch strips. Then I cut the strips so that each strip was 1 inch shorter than the last for the bottom part of the tree and 1/2 inch shorter for the top layers. Strips that are needed to be longer than 12 inches were stapled together. I numbered the front of the strips to make it easier for me to figure out which activity to put on what date. For example, we have tickets for the Nutcracker on the 8th, so I needed to make sure that activity was put on the correct strip.

Then I printed out the list of Christmas activities and cut those into strips to glue onto the backs of the tree strips.

Next I cut brown card stock into two 2 inch strips and stapled them together to make the tree trunk. I cut a star out of yellow card stock. Finally I attached all of the green strips to the tree trunk and hung the finished product on the wall.

Here is the list of activities that I chose from. Note that there are 27 activities listed, and you only need 24 for the tree. It gave me some flexibility, and now I have a few different activities to use next year.
  1.  Drive around and look at lights
  2.  Make gingerbread nativity
  3.  Go Christmas caroling to neighborhood families
  4.  Make Christmas candies
  5.  See the Nutcracker
  6.  Bake cookies
  7.  Spend the day/evening playing board games
  8.  Watch Christmas movies, eat popcorn, and drink cocoa 
  9.  Make a Christmas theme craft
  10.  Make Christmas shirts
  11. Pick names from the Angel tree and shop for them
  12. Make Christmas cards for family and friends
  13.  Read a Christmas book
  14.  Ring the bell for Salvation Army
  15. Make cookies for the local fire station
  16. Christmas caroling at nursing home
  17. Have a family lunch
  18. Make cookies for librarians at the public library
  19. Take small gifts to the children’s section of the hospital
  20. Make ornaments
  21. Make handprint wreaths
  22. Take silly Christmas pictures (Santa hats, reindeer antlers)
  23. Color Christmas pictures
  24. Read Christmas story in Bible
  25. Have snowball (paper ball) fight
  26. Make coffee filter snowflakes
  27. Happy Birthday Jesus party


  1. That is such a cute advent calendar! Coming over from the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  2. This is great. I would love it if you would add this to "look what we did." -Savannah


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