Small People

Small People

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Red!

Today, my sweet little red-headed girl turned 8 years old.

She has such a contagious personality. When she's smiling and happy, everyone around her can't help smiling as well. Those dimples just melt my heart every time.

We started this morning off with opening presents.

At noon, she had a basketball game. During the 2nd quarter, she was tripped running down the court and fell flat on her face. She later told me that this was the worst birthday ever because she got hurt during the game. (I'm pretty sure she was over it by tonight, though!) After the game, we went to the local Mexican restaurant for lunch. They have a fun birthday celebration there; they bring out a HUGE sombrero for the birthday person and a dessert.

This evening was more Mexican food since she requested enchiladas for dinner. For dessert we had birthday cake, which she helped make yesterday. She asked for a basketball cake, and I was fairly pleased with how close it looked to an actual basketball.


 We finished the day watching her favorite movie, Brave.

Happy Birthday, Little Red!!

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