Small People

Small People

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Funny Girl

Sassy Pants is always a wonderful source of entertainment. Her little 5 year old brain gives us many laughs. Here are 2 from this evening:

Sassy - You know, I took a bath in a caboose.
The Boy - In a caboose?
Sassy - Yeah, when I was at hotel with Daddy.
The Boy - (laughing) No, that was jacuzzi. Not a caboose.

(She and Robb had a hotel bathtub that had jacuzzi jets. Robb turned them on for her after her bath that night.)

Sassy - I can't wait to see George Washington when we go to the White House.
Me - George Washington isn't at the White House. He died a long time ago.
Sassy - (very sad) He did?
Me - Yes, baby. The war we've been talking about in history happened almost 250 years ago.
Sassy - (still very sad) He died??

Poor baby had her heart set on meeting George Washington. At least I know she's been paying attention while I teach the older kids history.

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